Serving Suggestions
Serve as an appetizer, spread some on crackers or crusty bread, add some to bruschetta on a crostini, scoop out cherry tomatos, fill with Benny's Best and top with crumbled feta, cheddar or goat cheese.  Try lettuce and feta chunks, drizzed with olive oil and wedges of warm pita bread.
Toss with hot pasta and top with fresh shaved parmasean cheese. Mix some into mayonnaise for a great sandwich spread. Top off Italian subs with a helping of Benny's Best. Add some to your
egg, tuna, ham, or macaroni salads. Spread on ready made
pizza crust, add chopped sundried tomatos, a drizzle of olive
oil, and top with fresh mozzerella slices. Try some added to
your next meatloaf mix. Add some to a fresh garden salad and toss.
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